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THE URBURB – patterns of contemporary living

Within the exhibition The Urburb: patterns of contemporary living which is shown at the DAZ until February 7th a discussion about The Urburb: Absorbing Modernism takes place.
Ori Scialom (architect) will guide a tour of the exhibition The Urburb – which he curated with Dr. Roy Brand, Keren Yaela Golan and Associate Curator Edith Kofsky – and present his research findings.
This will be followed by presentations by Friedrich von Borries (architect): “Heimatcontainer. Deutsche Fertighäuser in Israel”, Malkit Shoshan (architect): “Village: One Land Two Systems” and Joachim Nicolas Trezib (architect and architectural historian): “Technocrats of Spatial Order. Central Places in Israel and Germany” and a discussion of The Urburb and how the suburban area originated in Israel. Moderated by Matthias Böttger (DAZ).

The Urburb” was Israel’s contribution to the 2014 Architecture Biennale in Venice and is from december 5th visiting the DAZ. With their neologism and installation, its curators present a phenomenon of Israeli urban planning: The Urburb oscillates between urban and suburban – a fragmented mosaic composed of early twentieth century garden city agrarian settlements, mid-century social housing, and the generic residential typologies of the past two decades. This hybrid manifests the conflicting demands of the modernist machine functioning in the “old-new land”: to create small egalitarian communities while accommodating a large and diverse populace; to start afresh while simultaneously founding a new modernist tradition; and to reconnect to the land through a top-down planning system that treats the surface as a sheet of clean paper. The Urburb asks if the city, if urbanity itself, was ever an option for Israel`s urban design. The exhibition is curated by Ori Scialom, Dr. Roy Brand, Keren Yaela Golan and Associate Curator Edith Kofsky.

The Urburb is supported by Bundesminsterium für Umwelt, Naturschutz, Bau und Reaktorsicherheit (BMUB)

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