Der Internationale Verband für Wohnungswesen, Städtebau und Raumordnung (IFHP), das Dänische Architektur-Zentrum (DAC) und das DAZ laden zu einer Diskussion über die derzeitigen Herausforderungen in der Berliner Wohnungspolitik ein. Es wird unter anderem über alternative Maßnahmen, erschwinglichen Wohnraum in der Stadt zu gewährleisten, diskutiert. Die Debatte findet in englischer Sprache statt.

Berlin, like many cities around the world is in the midst of a ‘new housing crisis’. Traditionally a ‘rental’ city with a variety of low cost housing options, Berlin’s housing situation is at risk of unbalancing the very urban fabric that makes the city so attractive. Shifting housing and planning regulations, increasing foreign property investment, high immigration numbers, stagnating wages and a proactive citizen activist movement mean Berlin’s contemporary housing environment is as complex as it is chaotic; the perfect setting for an urban
lab then!

Engaging urban practitioners, politicians, housing groups, academics and activists to name a few, the LAB will assess Berlin’s contemporary housing challenges, discuss how and why co-housing communities can be supported through ideas, structures and financing, and question the role of public and private housing corporations to ensure Berlin’s affordable housing future.

Dr. Thomas Welter, General Secretary, Association of German Architects BDA: Welcome
Giulia Maci: IFHP Housing Lab Series in Copenhagen, New York and Berlin
Phillip Misselwitz (Chair of Habitat Unit, TU Berlin) & Andrej Holm (HU Berlin): The Housing Question for Berlin

Y-Table discussion with Han Joosten (Head of Acquisition Project Development and Marketing, BPD Immobilienentwicklung GmbH), Cordula Fay (Neighbourhood Development Consultant, Degewo), Oliver Clemens (Exrotaprint), Marco Clausen (Prinzessinnengärten), Florian Köhl (FatKoehl), Bernhard Hummel and Anna Heilgemeir (Mietshäuser Syndikat), Ignacio Gonzalez Galan, Columbia University: Beyond ownership Oslo Triennale

Moderator: Carlos Morales-Schechinger – Senior Expert Urban Land, HIS Erasmus University of Rotterdam

Followed by conversation over drinks.

The IFHP is a Copenhagen based worldwide network of professionals representing the fields of housing and planning. DAC is Denmark’s national center for the development and dissemination of knowledge about urban development, cities, buildings and architecture.