29.10.2014 – 1.11.2014: Wonderlab Berlin – Funding Urbanism: workshop and Y-Table-Talks
until 16.11.2014: Exhibition of the workshop results

In the past decade, as an effect of the economic crisis and social movements, many actors in the architecture and planning fields recognized that traditional funding models lost their capacity to feed small-scale, community-oriented urban projects. While designers elaborated new methods to address problems of community, participation and ecology, they also created alliances with a new generation of developers, economists, as well as law specialists to experiment with new models for funding urbanism.
For Wonderlab Berlin, Wonderland invites protagonists of the new civic economy from various European cities to join the Funding Urbanism Berlin workshop: 4 days of site visits, presentations, debates and screenings, as well as an evolving exhibition.

29 October 2014, 7 p.m.: Y-Table-Talk “Recovering Resources” with LCC (Rotterdam), T Spoon (Rome), Architettura Senza Frontiera (Milano), Stealth (Amsterdam/Belgrade), Fatkoehl Architekten+Urban Catalyst (Berlin) and Kristien Ring (Berlin)
With the participation of Stefanie Raab (Coopolis, Berlin), Luke Haywood (Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung, Berlin) and Michael Lafond (id22 Institut für kreative Nachhaltigkeit, Berlin)
9 p.m.: Movies in Wonderland: Life in the coffin factory, D.: Alexander Dworschak, Michael Rieper, Christine Schmauszer. A 2013, 48 min. (German with english subtitels)

31 October 2014, 7 p.m.: Y-Table-Talk “Organizing Regeneration” with Ramon Marrades (Valencia), Urbego (Copenhagen), SIC (Madrid), Ateliermob (Lisbon), Homebaked (Manchester), Kristien Ring (Berlin) and Bostjan Bugaric (Ljubljana/Berlin)
With the participation of Tore Dobberstein (Complizen, Berlin) and Francesca Ferguson (Urban Drift, Berlin)
9 p.m.: Movies in Wonderland: a selection of short films about “funding urbanism”

1 November 2014, 11 a.m.: guided tour at the exhibition and final presentation of the workshops

The project is conducted in cooperation with the  European Cultural Foundation (ECF).

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