Talk: 07.06.2019, 7 pm

Builders and planners can no longer rely wholly on the construction of new buildings. Priority must be given to preservation and to the material and constructive continuation of that which already exists – as opposed to its frivolous demolition. The concept of “embodied energy”, which takes into account the material, transport, and construction energy put into existing buildings, has become a key benchmark for assessing energy efficiency, both in the planning process and in legal regulations. What we need is a new culture of maintenance and repair.

Pascal Hentschel (in situ), Nils Nolting (Cityförster) and Henri Praeger
(Praeger Richter Architekten) demonstrate how this can be achieved in three completed projects submitted to the Houston we have a problem call. The evening will be moderated by Matthias Böttger, Artistic Director of the DAZ.

The talk will be in German.

Y-Table-talk “Respect the Built” – Niels Nolting, Cityförster
Y-Table-talk “Respect the Built” – Pascal Hentschel, in situ
Y-Table-talk “Respect the Built” – Henri Praeger, Praeger Richter Architekten
Y-Table-talk “Respect the Built” – Matthias Böttger, DAZ

Presentation “Respect the Built”, in situ
Presentation “Respect the Built”, Cityförster
Presentation “Respect the Built”, Praeger Richter Architekten
Presentation “Respect the Built”
Project collection “Houston, we have a problem”