Every year around 120 architects are appointed to the Association of German Architects (BDA), which has around 5,000 full and associate members. But who are the “newcomers”, for which architectural positions and for which buildings and designs do they stand?

The series neu im club, organised jointly by the DAZ and the magazine “der architekt, presents interesting positions among the newly appointed architects.

So what does this new generation stand for? What brought the individual protagonists to architecture, who influenced them? How can one set up one’s own office today and what do planners deal with in times of social change and unstoppable climate change? neu im club is attempting to sound out such and similar questions about the work and attitude of young architects and introduces the young BDA offices – with an interview in the magazine “der architekt” (in German), a projection of their work in the DAZ-Glashaus (Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 6, staircase B, 10179 Berlin-Mitte) and on the website www.neuimclub.de.

Annual programm 2019/2020

Andreas Schüring Architekten BDA
Andreas Schüring

orange architekten
Peter Tschada and Anna Weber

Buero Kofink Schels
Simon Jüttner and Sebastian Kofink

On the website www.neuimclub.de we introduce the newly appointed members and their projects. Have a look!

Foto: Micki Rosi Richter
neu im club 5/17: Sigurd Larsen
Foto: Till Budde
neu im club 2/17, mit Sohrab Zafari
Foto: Micki Rosi Richter
neu im club 5/17: Sigurd Larsen