Talk: 14.10.2021, 6 pm

The dimensions in which humans transform Earth in the Anthropocene are numerous and the resulting stratigraphy is potentially infinite. On October 14 members of Archibloom will talk about ”Make Roma” – a design experience and spatial practice. The main focus there is on the ground: ground as a maximum abstraction, a zero level from which to start reflecting on what happens above and below it. Ground as a potential archive, in which it is possible to dig in every point to find the origin of many possible discussions on the city. The city of Rome as a pretext, a starting point to look at ourselves and the world around us.
Archibloom is a collective of architects, urbanists, landscape and restoration architects founded in Italy in 2019.

Link to the event on October 14, 2021 at 6 pm:

Curated and moderated by Lidia Gasperoni, Matthias Böttger and Christophe Barlieb of fieldstations. The association promotes research about the Anthropocene – the new geological age in which human activity has become one of the most dominant influences upon the transformational processes of the earth.

The event, in cooperation with the Department of Architectural Theory at the Institute for Architecture at the TU Berlin, is part of the DAZ series “We need to talk!”.