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Buchvorstellung “URBAN LIVING – Strategien für das zukünftige Wohnen

hosted by DAZ:
The book “URBAN LIVING – Strategies for the Future”, edited by Kristien Ring, AA Projects, in cooperation with the Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt Berlin will be presented this evening. Followed by a Impulse Lecture by Jean-Philippe Vassal (Lacaton&Vassal, Paris) and a discussion with the State Senate Department Director of Berlin, Regula Lüscher.

“Cities such as Berlin are faced with new architectural and urban planning challenges, not only on account of their constant growth, but also because of changing ways of life. Urban Living seeks to discuss future forms of urban living and to consider their design and social influences.
How can residential building strengthen urban structures and provide new opportunities through densification? How can monostructures be broken up and open spaces be upgraded? And how can architecture meet the requirements of new forms of cohabitation, either owing to a broader social mix or to the combination of living and working?

This book presents convincing concepts which show that affordable residential space can also have a high structural quality. Designs and solutions from the international Urban Living workshop, which more than thirty international architecture offices took part in, provide excellent examples of the potential qualities of future residential construction.”

At the DAZ Kristien Ring will present the exhibition “URBAN LIVING: From Self-Made City to Future Strategies”. The opening will be held on May 21st 2015 and it is shown until July 4th 2015. Save the Dates!

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