Talk & magazin presentation: 08.01.2020, 7 pm

From a linguistic point of view, “construction” signifies the joining of parts to create a whole. In contemporary architecture, however, the meaning of construction is not so straightforward. Some see it as an essential form-giving principle; others strive to transcend the relationship between construction and architectural design. But does “freedom in appearance” pay due regard to the essence of architecture? If construction
is to remain comprehensible and legible, does it have to be visualized through architectural language?

To celebrate the release of the current issue of der architekt 6/19, architects Heike Hanada (Heike Hanada Laboratory of Art and Architecture, Berlin) and Uwe Schröder (Bonn) will discuss the constructive foundations of building with Andreas Denk, editor-in-chief of the magazine.

Photo: Werner Oechslin Library Foundation: Sigfried Giedion, Bauen in Frankreich Eisen, Eisenbeton. Leipzig / Berlin 1928