Buchcover Das Numen

Das Numen introduces its first monographic publication by the same name, ‘Das Numen’. The launch will be celebrated with specially transformed cocktails made with purified, site-specific water that has been sourced from the Spree river.

The book includes recent and previous projects and a associative refelection on these by Melanie Franke, Carson Chan, Paul Feigelfeld and Otto E. Roessler. The reader is taken on a journey through interlocking references and his own individual experience.

The release is accompanied by a reading performance that will take place in the DAZ. ‘The Numen Chorus’ de- and reconstructs the different text layers of the publication with a distinctive noise. The result is a tangible sound experience created by four overlaying reading voices. Readings by: Paul Feigelfeld, Lucas Töpfer, Melanie Franke, Toni Jessen and Anja Schwanhäußer.

A bar will offer local cocktails and a hub for the visitors to discuss both the publication and the ideas behind ‘Das Numen’.

The evening will be held in German and English and is organized in collaboration with the content developers crowd at ‘Gestalten’, Distanz Publishing, the Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs in Berlin and the Dornbracht Culture Projects, who also patronaged the ‘Das Numen” book in 2015.


Foto: Till Budde
Das Numen
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Das Numen Buchvorstellung

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