Talk with Marianne Krogh: 4.3.21 6pm

The Anthropocene disturbs the notion that the human species is something separated from the surrounding world and other living beings. We co-create it in a mutual process of emergence, from the global to the cellular and in an active system where every componenthas agency and meaning. Marianne Krogh will present her current research within this conceptual framework through the exhibition in the Danish Pavilion at the International Architecture Exhibition in Venice as well as the publication “Connectedness – An Incomplete Encyclopedia of the Anthropocene”.

Marianne Krogh is an art and architectural historian. She works as a curator and editor at Strandberg Publishing in Copenhagen.

Link to the event on March 4, 2021 at 6 pm:

Curated and moderated by Lidia Gasperoni, Matthias Böttger and Christophe Barlieb of fieldstations. The association promotes research about the Anthropocene – the new geological age in which human activity has become one of the most dominant influences upon the transformational processes of the earth.

The event, in cooperation with the Department of Architectural Theory at the Institute for Architecture at the TU Berlin, is part of the DAZ series
“We need to talk!”.

Foto: Hampus Berndtson
Exhibition ‘Connectedness’ in the Danish Pavilion at the Biennale Architettura di Venezia, 2021