CHOREOGRAPHING ARCHITECTURES is a project by canadian artist SASHA AMAYA that places architecture and choreography in dialogue. Amaya’s performance is accompanied by public workshops in which the audience is invited to explore intersections between architecture and dance. The site-specific performance transforms the DAZ exhibition space and enables a special experience of the existing architecture.


Friday, Nov. 18. 22, 7 pm premiere
Saturday, Nov. 19. 22, 2 pm and 7 pm
Sunday, Nov. 20. 22, 6 pm


18.11.22 Friday
Some ways to observe dance with Matthias Mohr (DE/EN) + Post-Show Artist Talk (DE)

19.11.22 Saturday afternoon
Pre-Show Writing Workshop on Dance Activation (DE)

19.11.22 Saturday evening
Haptic tour (EN/DE) and audio description (DE)

20.11.22 Sunday afternoon
3 pm Drawing for dancers (and audience) with Ana Rodriguez Bisbicus (DE/EN/ES)
4.30 pm Dancing for Architects (and audience) with Rachell Bo Clark DE

20.11.22 Sunday evening
Artist talk after the exhibition (DE)