Talk with Marlies Vermeulen: 6.5.21 6 pm

As a cartopologist, Marlies Vermeulen questions the role of “place in the everyday”. What is the role that “the everyday” gets in existing spatial notation systems – such as, for example, the architectural floor plan? The cartopological map acts as a research instrument to explore and document “place” and “the everyday” during the fieldwork and guide the intensive participant-observations.
Developing cartopology is a process whereby certain forms of the cartopological map and the behaviour of the cartopologist are part of Vermeulen’s independent practice as well as of her teaching at various universities and PhD research at Maastricht University, Zuyd University of Applied Science and RWTH Aachen University. She ist part of “Dear Hunter”, a spatial-anthropological research practice.

Link to the event on May 6, 2021 at 6 pm:

Curated and moderated by Lidia Gasperoni, Matthias Böttger and Christophe Barlieb of fieldstations. The association promotes research about the Anthropocene – the new geological age in which human activity has become one of the most dominant influences upon the transformational processes of the earth.

The event, in cooperation with the Department of Architectural Theory at the Institute for Architecture at the TU Berlin, is part of the DAZ series “We need to talk!”.

Foto: Marlies Vermeulen