Talk: 15.10.2018, 7 pm

In the DAZ-series “We need to talk!”, the Fieldstations association dis-cusses the Anthropocene. In the talk “Anthropocene-kitsch: Architecture as substitute act” guest-speaker Philipp Oswalt, professor in Architectural Theory and Design at the University of Kassel, asks if architecture and urban planning offer an answer to the challenges of the Anthropocene. The common solution of “sustainability” is part of the problem rather than the solution, Oswalt suggests, and its aesthetic and spatial conceptualizations cater to the demand for moral consumption.
We cordially invite you to the talk and open discussion with Fieldstations – Christophe Barlieb, Matthias Böttger, Lidia Gasperoni.

Fieldstations promotes research about the Anthropocene – the new geological age in which human activity has become one of the most
dominant influences upon the transformational processes of the Earth.

Y-Table talk at DAZ