Immerse in this ancient cultural landscape;
traverse this conglomerate of islands where
the Vikings gathered before setting sail;
might the Sitka trees be an invasive species,
conductor of history, untapped resource,
the loneliest tree on the planet, the Anthropocene’s golden spike?

Encounter AKWANAUTØYNA our investigation into a watery non-binary world, at the most western settlement in Norway on a remote island with 6 inhabitants. Hear how we develop NEW HORIZON and TIME BREAKER by focusing on local anchoring and participation while making connections to urgent questions.

DE JENZ is a collaboration between artists Vibeke Jensen and Santiago De Waele.

The talk, in cooperation with the Department of Architectural Theory at the Institute of Architecture at the TU Berlin, is part of the DAZ series “We need to talk!” and will be held in English.

Link to the event on May 11 at 6 pm: