Opening: 23.03.2018, 19h Exhibition: 24.03.2018 - 20.05.2018, Wed-Sun 3-8 pm

Freeports, data centres, self-storage facilities, museum archives – all part of an ever growing landscape that tends to remain at the edge of our daily attention. Usually unspectacular, its functionalist architecture is inseparable from its content and requirements: security, accessibility, and flexibility. The motives for storage are manifold: from downsizing in response to worsening housing crisis to stowing away private high-value assets secure and tax-free. The storage of information in the form of bytes – be it the warehousing of our knowledge or the marketing of our digital identities – and with it, the notion of dematerialisation increasingly shapes the general understanding of what storage is.

The exhibition brings together artists, architects, researchers, and businesses to take a look at both shelving and shelved.

At the opening on March 23, 2018, Thomas Welter, General Secretary BDA, will speak along with the curators Elisa R. Linn and Lennart Wolff and DAZ Artistic Director Matthias Böttger.

Atelier d’Architecture 3bm3, Le Freeport Singapore, 2010, courtesy Atelier d’Architecture 3bm3

With contributions by Atelier d’Architecture 3bm3 (Geneva), Petra Beck (Berlin), Alice Creischer (Berlin), Liam Gillick & Hollwich Kushner (New York City), Aaron Flint Jamison (Portland), Martti Kalliala (Berlin), John Kelsey (New York City), Kaspar Müller (Zurich/Berlin), MyPlace (Munich), Gili Tal (London) und Studio Christian Wassmann (New York City).

The exhibition is curated by Elisa R. Linn and Lennart Wolff, processing by Noah Barker.

Atelier d’Architecture 3bm3, Le Freeport Luxembourg, 2014, courtesy Atelier d’Architecture 3bm3

The exhibition is supported by the Leinemann-Stiftung für Bildung und Kunst and Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council.