How does it feel to read an Antarctic volcano’s pulse with bespoke sensors, what do the data reveal, who are the fieldagents, and why do we contemplate such an extreme fieldstation in the first place? The presentation offers a vignette of scientific work on the lively, lonely and icy volcano, Erebus.

Clive Oppenheimer is a geoscientist based at the University of Cambridge and filmmaker. His research concerns magmatic and volcanic processes; volcanic hazards and volcano monitoring; and the long-range climatic and societal impacts of eruptions. He made “Into the Inferno” (Netflix, 2016) and “Fireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds” (Apple TV+, 2020) with Werner Herzog.

The talk, in cooperation with the Department of Architectural Theory at the Institute of Architecture at the TU Berlin, is part of the DAZ series “We need to talk!” and will be held in English.

Link to the event on March 3 at 6 pm: