27.10.2016 // 7 p.m. // Exhibition opening: "Neue Standards. Zehn Thesen zum Wohnen"
28.10.2016 - 22.01.2017 // Wed - Sun 3 - 8 p.m. // Exhibition: "Neue Standards. Zehn Thesen zum Wohnen"

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Matthias Megyeri: Acts of Sweet Dreams Security®

Exhibition: 20.4. - 19.5.2013 // Wed - Sun // 2 - 7 p.m.

DAZ presents Matthias Megyeri’s first solo show in Germany. For the past ten years he researches the diverse cultural, social and psychological aspects of the visual language of protection and security in public space. The objects of Sweet Dreams Security® merge the need for protection with a desire for harmony and beauty, redefining padlocks, chains, fences, and razor wire as lovable objects. Parallel to the exhibition Megyeri’s Acts of Sweet Dreams Security® transform form and function of everyday objects into act and action in Berlin’s public realm, from exhibition to lecture, visit to gesture, event to discussion.

Opening with Adnan Yıldız, Artistic Director Künstlerhaus Stuttgart and Matthias Böttger, curator DAZ.

A supporting program featuring six additional events, installations, guided tours and openings will run parallel to the exhibition at the DAZ. These “exhibition satellites,” or “acts,” were selected according to the different areas of impact of Sweet Dreams Security® and confront viewers, passersby and consumers outside the traditional exhibition context. They include, for example, a tour of the German Museum of Technology, a presentation of security products in the Berlin concept store Voo, a permanent security installation in public space near the DAZ, a screening at Soho House Berlin and a poster “intervention” on 1,020 advertising columns across Berlin. This broadening of scope beyond the boundaries of traditional exhibition space illustrates the generalist approach of Sweet Dreams Security®.

INTERVENTION // 19.4. - 28.4.2013 // Posters on 1020 advertising columns across Berlin

VISIT // 21.4.2013 // Tour with context sensitive apporach at the Deutschen Technikmuseum Berlin with Adnan Yıldız

INSTALLATION // from 27.4.2013 // Permanent security installation in public space neighbouring the DAZ

PLACEMENT // 28.4.2013 // product placement at Voo Store

EXHIBITION // 28.4.2013 // Exhibition tour with Adnan Yıldız at the DAZ

GESTURE // 28.4.2013 // Screening at Soho House Berlin with Matthias Megyeri

ANALYSIS // Summer term 2013 // The Sweet Dreams Security® business plan as part of the work

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