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Images: Plasma Studio, Xi`an Expo / ecosistema urbano, Air Tree Madrid / AFF, Refuge at Fichtelberg

New exhibition series at DAZ

The German Center for Architecture DAZ has launched a new exhibition series called FORMULA_X in the autumn of 2010. This new format is dedicated to the national and international up-and-coming generation of talented architects. Three offices present their architectural positions in monographic exhibitions, directly succeeding one another, as well as in a lecture and in interviews. The focus of the presentation is on the individual design methodology and the design processes of each office. The goal of the new series, FORMULA_X, is to demonstrate the qualities in varying architectural positions, as well as to spotlight the active role of the architect in determining national and international building culture by giving insight into the facets of their sustainable ideas. –From micro-architectures to urban planning, from new answers for conventional building tasks to futuristic concepts. After a Call for Entries three national and international offices have been selected for the first season:


Exhibition: 02.10. - 14.11.2010  /  Opening: 01.10.2010

In physics the term ‘plasma’ describes a particular state of matter in which energy is readily conducted through a material. The fluid spaces and extreme geometries of Plasma Studio’s architecture work in the same manner, and bear strongly the mark of their digital design processes. Based in London, the South Tyrol and Beijing, the office always develops the parameters for the shape and material of their buildings out of the particular context– whether small or large scale. At the DAZ they will present the clear tension as well as fusion between landscape and space contained in their projects.  



Exhibition: 19.11.2010 - 16.01.2011  /  Opening: 18.11.2010

ecosistema urbano are known first and foremost for their urban interventions. They combine architecture, landscape, urbanism and sociology through what they call ‚creative urban sustainability‘. Working professionally since 2000, this has led them to recent work that includes the Ecoboulevard in Madrid and the AirTree at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai. Their exhibition at the DAZ; ‘Looking through ecosistema urbano eyes‘, will reveal the inside stories on their projects to-date and the networks that helped create them.



Exhibition: 22.01.2011 - 06.03.2011  /  Opening: 21.01.2011

AFF Architekten was set up in 1999 by Martin Fröhlich, Sven Fröhlich und Torsten Lockl. Since 2005, together with Alexander Georgi, the practice has been run between two offices in Berlin and Chemnitz. The work of AFF centers around a persistent questioning of conventional typologies alongside an understanding of architecture as being somehow ‘objekthaft’ or ‘object-like’. The offices` major realized projects and ongoing works demonstrate how this translates into buildings that have their own unmistakable sense of character, being both extremely tactile and firmly rooted in a sense of place. These themes, along with their interpretation and application of metaphor will be central to their exhibition at the DAZ.



The three offices have been interviewed by Kristien Ring, curator of the FORMULA_X exhibition series. The portraits with numerous images on current projects are available as free PDF download.