Talk: 02.09.2019, 7 pm

The technical upgrade to “intelligent buildings” and abundant use of isolation materials have not led to long-lasting and energetically sustainable constructions. We are thus faced with the question of how to design buildings that avoid an excess of material and technology by using typological, constructive, and thermal solutions. What importance will the use of regenerative materials, low-tech concepts, and self-building take on?

Possible solutions will be presented by architects Professor Christiane Sauer (formade), Benjamin Trautmann (Research Associate at the Department of Design and Building, TU Darmstadt), and Anna Weber and Peter Tschada (Orange Architekten BDA) using three already implemented projects submitted to the call for projects Houston, we have a problem: Ecology and Responsibility. The evening will be moderated by Matthias Böttger, DAZ.

Foto: Studio Jasmin Schuller
orange architekten BDA, Einfach gebaut, new building Berlin Eckertstraße